Should I use a band saw or a scroll saw?

First, always remember, safety first. Whether you use a band saw or scroll saw, keep hands away from blade at least 3 inches. Any closer and you will need to a push stick. Wear safety glasses. Depending on what you want to cut, which do you use, – a band saw or  scroll saw? Do you own a band saw and feel you need to have a scroll saw to make wood crafts?  Using a band saw that has a 1/4″ blade will allow you to cut a shape out of wood such as a duck (large size pattern, for example   approx 8″  – and up wide). You can make big wide turns on a band saw and smaller cuts if needed by using relief cuts. In other words, you would have to repeatedly go back and forth with cutting until you get the angle or shape you want to achieve. If you use a scroll saw for cutting the same pattern, you will cut your pattern seamlessly, quickly and with no relief cuts. Having both types of saws in your workshop is a plus. You get to experiment and judge for yourself what each machine can do for you. Having a band saw is a good investment if you enjoy  working with wood. A saw can last many years , is inexpensive for what it can do,  and run without much wear except for replacing the blades. Using a scroll saw can fun because of the intricate cuts it can make. You can find saws from $30 at a flea market to over $1,000 on many makes and models. If you are making puzzles, whirligigs, and small wood cuts outs, than a scroll saw is what you will need.


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