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Deer Weather Vane PatternSanta Claus Christmas whirligig pattern

Santa in sled pattern for weather vane or whirligig

Pattern below to cut Santa Claus riding in his sled with reindeer. Cut from metal or wood.

Christmas whirligig patternSanta & sled whirligig weathervane patternMermaid with Looking Glass weathervane

vintage mermaid pattern



History tells us that weather vanes were in use in the time of the Saxons, around the 5th century in the years 1550 and 1600.   Notice one of the first vanes in this picture where one had carved out of a piece of wood and rudely shaped like a bottle, which is stuck on a piece branch of a tree.old weathervane Many vanes were rudely cut out of flat metal, with a simple style and mainly  fixed on a house’s gable. Another novelty in wind vanes shown here is constructed  of sheet metal or carved from light wood. In the example dragon vane below the wings are so set on the body as to cause the dragon to rise when the wind strikes them.
The dragon is pivoted on a shaft running through its center of gravity, so it will easily turn with the wind.
The tail part may also be made to revolve as the propeller of a air plane.




The length and size of the shaft will depend on the dimensions of the dragon, and similarly, the location of the weights on the chains will be determined by its size and weight. With varying velocities of the wind will depend how high the dragon will rise on its shaft. The dragon will rise to A in a 20-mile wind, to B in a 30-mile wind, to C in a 40-mile gale, and so on, with as many weights as desired.

old style weather vane

Christmas Santa Claus and His Sleigh pattern for whirligig or a weather vane.



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