Animal Craft patterns~

Dog Patterns

Dog Patterns

Zoo Animal Patterns

Zoo Animal Patterns

Deer Moose pattern outline

Running Jumping  Deer Pattern

Deer with antlers head pattern outline

Deer head pattern

Deer Head outline pattern

3 deer & tree in woods outline pattern

wood burning craft pattern

Moose and deer craft scene outline

Reindeer craft pattern outline

Deer outline pattern

Giraffe craft outline scene Jungle pattern

Elephant craft pattern outline

Lion craft outline pattern

Bear outline

Sitting bear outline pattern

Bear craft pattern

Baboon craft outline pattern

Monkey Hanging


Owl outline

Wood pecker outline pattern

Snake Craft Pattern

Dog with bone craft outline

Dog craft outline pattern

Dog outline craft pattern

Yorkie dog pattern

Dashound  outline

Dog craft pattern

Rocking horse craft outline pattern

Jumping Horse & Jockey craft outline pattern

Horse and jumper craft pattern

Goat pattern for crafts

goat outline

Goat Outline

goat design

Goat Pattern to use in all craft projects

goat outlineCrow on Branch

crow craft pattern outlineKeep scrolling for Easter bunny outlines below:

 Butterfly pattern


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owl on branch

howling wolf Butter fly 


Squirrel craft

Deer scene saw patterns

Deer and Doe craft saw pattern

Deer free saw patternDeer Scroll Pattern

Toilet plunger duck head saw pattern

You will want to set up a drill press to accept a drill bit the size (width diameter) of the dowel from the toilet plunger stick. The hole is based at the base “neck” of the duck’s head. Once you drill the hole in the base of the head- insert it onto the plunger pole. If the hole is too big put some wood glue inside along with some sawdust to take up the slack.


Sitting bunny craft saw patternHowling Wolves

Wild Bird


Eagle Pattern

Mouse Saw Pattern

Flying Bird

Ready to fly bird

Pretty Bird Sitting on Branch Sitting Bunny Bunny  Sitting Bunny  Bunnies  ______________________
Easter Bunny Scroll Minis. There are no inside cuts with these wood pieces. Cut through and come back out the same way. The bunnies and the fence can be either cut (the bunny sitting in the front) or he can be painted. A real neat trick would be to cut the bunny sitting in front of the fence and gently pushed out a little from the fence to give the piece a 2 dimensional effect. These wood scroll pieces can also be sized larger. Make Easter magnets using 1/4″ luan plywood. The floppy hair bunny is cut using half inch wood. A tiny wicker basket is used for accent. Just glue to the side of the bunny after he is painted. Check out this finishing touch for the Easter basket!! You can have colorful mini Easter eggs inside the basket but making them from Sculpey clay. Youcan buy this clay in assorted colors and bake the oven on low heat. Grab the patterns for these bunnies hereMake mini Easter rabbits for your wood collectible collection. The ears on this bunny are make from ribbon or cloth. Poke a hole in the top of the head and insert the center of the ears into the hole. Use Elmers glue and let dry overnight. Hint : painting the Easter bunny, decide on the color of the bunny, then paint the entire piece that color. Then paint the detials, such as the face and trim, etc. Use quality acrylic paints and a quality brush. Folkart and Apple Barrel brand acrylics work well. To use this Bunny Pattern on the page, right click on the image and save onto your computer.
Print out the image and tape onto 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1/4″ wood if you want to make magnets. MAKE EASTER DECOUPAGE Eggs


Giraffe  Craft pattern 



Frog Outline

  Flying Bird  Teddy Bear 


shelf sitter duck craft pattern outline



Bird nest  outline

Bird on a branch outline


 Country Girl and Duck _______________

Here is a nice basket that is easy to make. All you do is cut 2  swan shapes of 3/4″ pine or any other type of wood. Use narrow slats of wood to connect the two pieces of wood.

Connect with tiny finish nails.l

Make crafts from old wood Pallets

Did you know that you can get pallets made of wood free from lumber yards or a local recycling center? Grab that free wood and start making spring gifts from wood. Make bunnies in all shapes and paint them white, gray or black. Make bunny ornaments or make bunny magnets.

Each of the 25 bunny rabbit patterns has its own painting outline with it. The patterns are sized to fit narrow slabs of pallet wood.

Scrap Pallet Treasures 25 Bunny Rabbit Patterns

ducks and heart

Ducks and heart pattern

bears & heart

Bear and heart pattern

ducks & heart

Goose and heart pattern

flamingo wood pattern

Flamingo plague outline pattern