Christmas Patterns

Make a Life-size Elf Holiday Free Pattern

Only light sewing is required & a glue gun make for a quick & fun holiday craft.

Free instructions on how

to make a Christmas Elf


Holiday pattern for  stitchery, embroidery or other crafts. See the  snowman and tree outline to as a guide for cutting or painting.

Snowman to print

craft snowman pattern to print

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Large Santa, Sleigh & Reindeer ~~~~~~

Sow rabbits craft pattern

Christmas cat in  stocking







___________________Cookies for Santa Snowman Wood Scroll Saw collectible. Cut him from 1/2″ or 3/4″ pine wood. You can also make cute fridge magnets by cutting this wood pattern with 1/4″ luan or birch wood . Glue the ‘cookies’ on top of the snowman’s hand after he is finished and painted. Elmer’s glue was used in this wood project. Neat idea for ‘cookies: buy a package of ‘lentils’ in the food section of your market in the soup isle. Half split dried pea beans make excellent chocolate cookies. Just use a Sharpie marker and make tiny dots on the cookie for chocolate chips. Use string or wire to make the little wood sign that hangs. RIGHT CLICK SNOWMAN  TO SAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER. ENJOY.






Make crafts from old wood Pallets

Did you know that you can get pallets made of wood free from lumber yards or a local recycling center? Grab that free wood and start making spring gifts from wood. Make bunnies in all shapes and paint them white, gray or black. Make bunny ornaments or make bunny magnets. Each of the 25 bunny rabbit patterns has its own painting outline with it. The patterns are sized to fit narrow slabs of pallet wood.


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