Halloween Jack O Lanterns Crow Bats Craft Pattern Outline

free pumpkin & crow pdf cross stitch pattern

Halloween Jack O Lanterns & Crow Craft Pattern Image Copyright 2014 Followthemoonart.comOutline Halloween Pumpkin pattern  Outline of Halloween pumpkins to 

click on, print and then color, paint, or stitch.

To paint this Halloween design on artist canvas, try feeding a cut sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ artist canvas through your printer using the craft pumpkin outline. You can get this canvas on a roll. The sheet should print the outline. Just use artist acrylic paints and paint your own Halloween pumpkin painting. Frame your art masterpiece when you are done.

Free Halloween cross stitch pattern.

Click Halloween link below to get free cross stitch pumpkin

pdf pattern

DMC ~ 30 colors. Size 11 x 14

Cross stitch Halloween pumpkin patternFree pumpkin & crow pdf cross stitch pattern


Parasailer Lifeguard on the Ocean Beach Outline


parasailer outline pattern beach ocean lifeguard

Study of a lifeguard on the beach with parasailers in the sky.

Parasailer Ocean Beach Lifeguard image clipart pattern

Craft Pattern for Painting or Coloring

Waves are crashing and there is a person walking along the beach. In the distance is a beautiful village on-top a rocky hill overlooking the ocean. Print the outline of the beach pattern onto plain paper to color with crayons or colored pencils.

The image below are waves on the beach shore with the reflection of the sun. foamt waves clipart ocean summer patternClick on the outline pattern  to make larger.

Print the outline onto 90 lb watercolor paper  and try your

hand at painting these summer images with watercolors or acrylic paints.

outline of waves ashore pattern

Amusement Theme Park Summer outline patterns

The Cyclone Roller Coaster fun park ride.

the cyclone roller coaster outline pattern

The Cyclone amusement park ride

Your craft source for carnival kiddie rides, carousel horses and roller coaster ride outlines. Remember the smells of french fries & popcorn in the air? Strolling in the warm summer air at the park has to be one of the best ways to enjoy summer.carnival food hot dog fries outline pattern

The Music Express

The Music Express

More Unique amusement park pattern outlines found here…

Fresh New Craft Patterns Birds Children Summer Time Crafts

bird nest craft pattern

Bird nest outline pattern

bird nest silhouette pattern

children swing jump rope outline patternswinging jump rope vintage image Jump rope children pattern

Mother reading to child silhouette pattern


Mother reading to child outline ____Mother reading to child outline pattern_________________________________

Print on wood fun activity craft project

Frankenstein wood project

What did Frankenstein say when he was struck by lightning?

This image is printed directly onto bare smooth wood. So easy and fun – once you know how.

First you need a smooth sided piece of  pine wood. You will also need a printer. I used a HP printer for this project. Load an image onto your computer to print. You need to put wax paper, gloss paper or even a clear cello bag in the printer, cut to 8 1/2″ x 11″ size.  The way this works is you print onto the paper choice above, then quickly face the printed image down onto the smooth side of the wood. The ink does not soak into the wax or cello material – it beads up and stays on the surface. Once you place the image down quickly smooth and press onto the paper to set it into the wood.



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Cow arts and crafts projects

Try any of these 12 creative cow craft projects. Great for summertime activities or just for fun.

cow arts and crafts projectsflying cow craft outline patternflying cow clip art

Crazy Cow Crafts

Make a Paper Plate Cow

How to Make a Funny Cow Outline

Spotted Cow Craft Project

Cow Crafting

Make a Cow Hand Print Craft

Paper heart cow craft

Build You Own Cow Project

Cow Door Hanger Craft

Make a Sock Cow

Connect the Dots Cow Picture

Create a clay cow pot

Farm Animal Cow Craft