New Spring Bunny Pattern

Bunny Family pattern

Spring has sprung! Breathe the fresh air, spring is finally here!  Take time to create a new spring pattern with this bunny family in the tulips. Click the link below to get the bunny outline guide and use with acrylic paints or watercolors. Or transfer the bunny design on any smooth paper, glass, ceramic or wood  surface. Color with crayons or colored pencils.

Right this way to paint, stitch or color something new today.…….


Angel Friends Love One Another pattern

anndnabqProject1This angel pattern was originally design for a wood miniature.

Cut from 1/2″ or 3/4″ pine wood. The wings can be made by inserting a hole (using the tip of a craft tool- or scissor point) in the back of the angel. angel patternPut a drop of Elmer’s glue in hole. Use a small piece of lace to insert into the hole. When painting the angels, paint the base of the angels with a flesh color of your choice. Then paint the white dress. Use a Sharpie marker for the lettering. The hair are a few strands of knotted jute. Place a drop or two of white glue on top of the head. Let the glue get tacky then push the knotted end of the jute hair down on the top of head.

painting craft outline

flowerssFriends are flowers Painting outline

flower painting outline Friend are flowers patternThis is a nice vintage design in a wood plague form. Outlined in candy red with easy to paint leave greenery. Click on the flower pattern & print to create your own masterpiece. Follow the simple outline with basic color acrylic paints. You can find small size wood plagues in all sizes. A comfortable size to paint with would be smaller than an 8″ x 10″. This wood painted item would fit nicely on a door to welcome everyone.


Wood blank Available from Amazon 
Mpi 7-1/2-Inch by 10-1/2-Inch Unfinished Wood Baltic Birch Plaque, Roman

Paint Project with Cats craft lesson

Create this simple and loving Welcome using acrylic paints. The finished project is square.

Kitty Cats Welcome crafts Print the pattern in 6″ x 6″ – 8″ x 8″ or larger. Before you begin, if you are using a wood block, sand it smooth on the edges and surface.

Try your crafty hands at acrylic painting. dwelcahhtsPaint the base background color of a mustard or gold. Then transfer the image of the cats onto a canvas or wood, watercolor paper or even a cloth base. In the craft project Ceramcoat paints were used. You can use most any quality waterbased acylic paints. Paint either yellow or orange on the background cat first. When dry, Then paint black for the black cat. The eyes for both cats can be done using a fine tip liner brush. You will want to start by painting the shape of the eye in black, let dry, then paint a yellow or green for the eyeball on top of the eye – leaving an edge of black showing the outline of the eye. When the eye ball color is dry, paint a black pupil on the cats eye to finish. Use the fine liner brush to finely paint white or light gray cat whiskers. Paint triangle noses and finish the cats mouth. Finish the black cat into a Tuxedo cat by dabbing white on the paws. Use a 1/2″ square brush to sweep (in one stroke) the white chest of the cat. Try painting using any of these acrylic painting techniques by practicing on scrap paper. Get the feel of the stroke and the brush. Remember, let it be fun and relaxing to paint. If you make a mistake, either wipe the paint off, or you can let the paint dry and paint right over the mistake.

Outline words for acrylic painting craft project.

welcome outline craft pattern

Cats Waiting for Spring Craft Patterns

cat craft pattern

outline of cats sitting standing patternCat stitchery pattern for free download PDFPretty Kitty cats – Calico and black & white all waiting to go outside for Spring.

Craft cat outline for painting and saw crafts. Use for  projects in painting in acrylics or watercolors.

Just click on the images to make larger and print to use as patterns. PDF link is here to provide a simple and fun cat cross stitch pattern chart.

The size of the finished cross stitch is 19″ x 14″ – frame it and this is the beautiful results with a gold frame and a black matte.

Click PDF :

Three Kitties waiting for Spring free PDF chart

Miss U Cupid Valentine Greeting pattern

Be my Valentine pattern

heart with wings craft patternFly away with me – My Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.Craft beautiful hearts with wings and let your imagination soar. 

Click on the Cupid image and cut and paste onto card stock for an instant Valentine card.   Click on the outline of Heart with Wings pattern to make larger. Print and craft by coloring the heart and making a custom – look Valentine’s card for that special someone.