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Cupid craft pattern




double fancy heart scroll pattern




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Fine Scrolled Valentine Heart Design Pattern

  • Valentines Day
    BUNNY VALENTINES DAY WOOD MINI PATTERN. Use a Sharpie marker to write the verse on the heart after you have painted it. This can also be made into a cute magnet by cutting this bunny pattern from 1/4″ luan or birchwood. Cut up to 4 slices of wood at a time. There is no tail to cut unless you add it yourself, the tail looks so cute when you glue on a white pom pom for a round ball tail. The best glue to use in my opinion is Elmer’s white glue. Let dry overnight. When you use a hot glue gun, the glued pieces can become loose especially in cold weather.


Create fun Valentines gifts this year from the heart.

There is no drilling with 99%of any project shown on freesawpatterns. Thats just too much work! The cutting outline pattern shows to cut through and come back out the same way. This wood piece will still be secure and strong enough to stay together.Right click on the image pattern to save on your computer. Print out and tape onto wood and cut the wood mini out with 3/4″ – 1/2″ or 1/4″ wood great for making magnets.



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